Glass Manufacturing and its Uses

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January 6, 2023
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Which are the most common materials you would see around in your house? Wood? Or maybe even glass? Wood and glass are two of the most common materials used in our houses. Out of these two, today we will solely focus on glass

Glass has been one of the oldest materials and it has been in use since 3500 BC. One reason it has been in use for so long is that it is a versatile material. You can find glass in about every object lying around. But how do we acquire this material? Let’s read more about glass and its uses in this blog. 

What is Glass and How is it Made? 

The simplest way to define glass is that it is a transparent amorphous solid with a wide range of uses. It is mainly manufactured from natural and other raw materials like sand, soda ash, and limestone. Though the most common type of glass is manufactured, a part of it is still obtained naturally from volcanic magma. These forms of glasses are:

  • Obsidian
  • Impactite 
  • Libyan desert glass 

Glass is manufactured by melting sand at a high temperature of 3090°F. However, sand is not the only component that is melted. The mixture includes soda ash, limestone, and waste glass pieces along with sand. All of this is heated in a furnace it transforms into an amorphous solution. 

Further, this solution can be reheated to mold into the desired shape. 

Types of Glasses 

Depending on the type of process, you can achieve several different types of glasses. These types mainly include: 

  1. Colored glass 
  2. Oven-proof glass 
  3. Tempered glass 
  4. Float glass 

Common Uses of Glass 

The above-mentioned types of glasses have their unique uses too. The major ones are:

  1. Packaging 
  2. Dinnerware 
  3. Building and Housing 
  4. Interior design 
  5. Electronic appliances 
  6. Automotive and transport 
  7. Medical technology 
  8. Radiation protection 
  9. Fiber optic cables 
  10. Renewable energy 

The glass used as windows or in houses needs utmost care and maintenance. Therefore, we at Texas Glass Co. are here to cater to all your glass-related service needs. We are stationed in Houston, Texas. You can call our team to know more about our services.