Glass Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains

In case you’re remodeling your shower, one of the principal choices you have to make is whether you need a glass shower entryway or shower shades.

You have to think about which one will suit your needs and will work with your bathroom.

Today, you’ll learn everything you need to know about glass shower entryways and shower curtains to make the right decision that meets your requirements.

Shower Curtains

  • Drafty – Does your shower curtain ever cling to you like a magnet? We have experienced it. One of the disadvantages of shower curtains is that it can get draughty when you’re taking a shower.
  • Personality – On the other hand, it is nice that your shower curtains can add personality to your bathroom. It’s a good place to express your style.
  • Mold – With shower curtains, you need to be careful of mold and mildew accumulating. Shower curtains are not known for their cleanliness.
  • Privacy – Shower curtains are recommended for privacy. Your shower space is covered well with a curtain than with glass.
  • Dated – On the other hand, shower curtains are dated. If you’re looking for a modern alternative for your shower enclosure, glass shower doors are the best.
  • Leaky – With shower curtains, your shower enclosure is not actually enclosed, which results in leaky showers.


Glass Shower Doors

  • Flexible – The best part of glass shower doors is that they are a great alternative for tricky spaces. If you have a corner shower, or a narrow shower stall, there’s a glass shower door for you.
  • Opens your space and enlarges your bathroom – Glass shower doors have a unique way of making your bathroom look open and larger. Shower curtains obstruct the line of sight which makes your bathroom feel smaller.
  • Better investment – According to research, glass shower doors are more expensive than shower curtains. However, they are worth paying for. With glass shower doors, you don’t have to replace them monthly or often. Glass shower doors last a long time and are a great alternative for every restroom.
  • Modern design – If you’re going for a modern, new design, then glass shower doors are your best bet.

Overall, we recommend glass shower doors for your shower enclosure. They are modern, flexible, and worth the investment. Shower curtains, on the other hand, can often feel outdated and aren’t as valuable.

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