How Long Can the Windows Last?

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March 17, 2023
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While windows are made to last for years, they still cannot be permanent. Every object has a life span of a few years and so do the windows in our homes. Depending on the quality of the window and installation, you can easily determine whether the windows in your house need replacement or not. 

Window replacement can be an expensive process. Therefore, it will be wise to understand the life span of different windows and how can you increase their lives. 

Life Spans of Different Windows 

Windows installed in your house cannot last forever. The average life of these windows is about 15 to 20 years and 25 years at the max. However, the longevity of windows depends on these factors too: 

  • Age of your house 
  • Type of windows installed 
  • Quality of material used 
  • Quality of installation 

Windows are made of different materials and each of these materials has varying life spans. For example: 

  • Vinyl windows or PVC windows can last for about 20 years minimum if they are installed properly under professional supervision. 
  • Wooden windows can go as long as 50 years but you need to take good care of these windows. Maintenance mainly includes sanding and painting after every few years. 
  • Aluminum windows are metal-based and therefore, can last a lot longer than other materials. 

Make the Windows Last Longer 

The key to windows lasting for 20 years is their proper maintenance and day-to-day care. You can follow the given ways to make your windows last longer: 

  • Use a cover like curtains, shades, or blinds to protect the windows from dust and dirt 
  • Curtains can also be of help if you have children or pets in your house. They can protect the glass from scratches and other damage. 
  • Avoid rough handling like slamming the windows shut. 
  • Handle the windows with ease. If they don’t function smoothly, get them repaired. 
  • Keep the glass panes and the window frames clean. 

Despite all these precautions, if your windows still seem damaged, consider a replacement. For this, you can visit Texas Glass Co. in Houston. You can call us now to get more details.