Identifying the Different Types of Windows in your House

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February 24, 2023
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You must be aware that windows are an essential part of a house. But do you know that there isn’t just one type of window? Meaning, all windows are different. There are more than one types of window that you can have in your house or any other building. 

The type of window to be installed in your residence depends on your choice and the style of the interior. Even environmental factors like weather and wind might affect the window selection. Thus, before you make a choice, it will be better to know all the types of windows thoroughly. 

Types of Windows 

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be installed as per needs and other factors. 

Some of the most common types of windows are listed below: 

  1. Single-hung and double-hung windows 

As the name names suggest, a single-hung window is one whose top is fixed to the frame and can be opened from the bottom. A double-hung window has two sides bolted to the frame and can be opened either from the top or bottom. 

  1. Skylight windows 

These types of windows are installed on the roof of the house or rooms. Skylight windows are a great way to allow natural light into the area. This is an ideal type of window for homes with minimal space on walls. You can also admire the night sky with these windows. 

  1. Bay or bow windows 

These are the windows protruding outside the walls of the house. Bay or bow windows also form a shelf-like structure, thus, providing additional space in the room. 

  1. Picture window 

As you can guess by the name, a picture window is mainly installed to allow a maximum amount of natural light. This also lets you enjoy a beautiful view. 
Depending on your choice and the architecture of the house, you can have any of these windows installed in your home. For a precise window installation, you can hire experts from Texas Glass Co. in Houston. Contact us now to get an estimate for the services.