Know More About the Latest Shower Glass Trends

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May 19, 2023
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June 2, 2023

There’s a famous saying, “change is the only constant thing”. This goes true for literally everything happening around us, including the shower glass trends. Just as the interiors of our homes change with time, even the shower glass trends change along. 

With years of technology, design, and evolution, people have now moved to use several types of shower glass enclosures in their bathrooms. Not only do these enclosures make the space look bigger but also enhance the appearance of the space. Let’s know more about the current shower glass trends in practice. 

Current Shower Glass Trends 

Here are some of the popular shower glass trends that are currently in practice. 

  1. Frameless shower doors 

Interior designers today aim at giving your bathroom an elegant look and framed shower enclosures just don’t go with it. Therefore, the frameless shower doors have now taken over. These are sleek and a much better version of previous shower doors. 

  1. Curbless showers 

These shower glass enclosures include linear drains, frameless doors, and no ledge. This way, the enclosure looks seamless and you get to enjoy the shower peacefully. 

  1. Custom shower glass doors 

This is for the ones who want privacy in the shower but also want to align with the design trends. These shower doors can have sort of patterns on them or simply use frosted glass. The patterns allow privacy and also makes the bathroom look elegant. 

  1. Transparent doors 

This is the most preferred type of glass enclosure used in showers. Transparent glass gives you the needed barrier around the shower area while making the bathroom look spacious. 

  1. Roller top
    This is an upgraded version of the sliding glass shower doors. All you need to do is ask your glass expert if the design will fit in your space. If it does, it is sure to make your bathroom look beautiful. 

Hire the Experts 

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