Make your Windows Autumn-Ready this Year

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May 5, 2023
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May 19, 2023

Autumn or fall is a beautiful time of the year when you see leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. Along with this beauty also comes a lot of wind and breeze. You must have shut your windows in the evening to stop the cold air from blowing in your house. 

Windows can obstruct this blow of wind but what if your windows aren’t in proper shape? In that case, you need to get the windows checked and be prepared for the upcoming fall season. 

Preparing your Windows for the Fall 

Fall is a beautiful season to witness but it is also a season to save your homes from the cold wind blowing in. Thus, to keep your house warm during these early winter months, follow these tips and prepare your windows. 

  1. Look for drafts 

Drafts are the small damaged areas of the windows that allow the wind to enter the house. If the windows have drafts, the furnace will need to run longer than usual. Thus, to avoid burning a lot of fuel, look for any drafts in the windows and get them repaired. 

  1. Check the exterior window sills 

Your windows must be perfect from the inside but the outside might be damaged a little. The window sills on the outside can get damaged and result in air leaks. This will reduce the efficiency of your windows. Thus, check the sills on the outside and repair them if damaged. 

  1. Replace the window ACs

Window air conditioning units were a hit in their time. However, the trends have now changed. Window AC units have a higher chance of leaking windows as they don’t always fit perfectly in the frame. Therefore, if you have these ACs, replace them with the latest versions. 

  1. Replace the storm windows 

If your house has storm windows, it is time to replace the screens with glass. The glass will obstruct the wind and allow more natural light into the room. 

If your windows need repair or replacement before fall, then consider hiring professionals from Texas Glass Co. in Houston. Contact us now to know more!