Reasons Why Your Residential Windows Are Becoming Foggy

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September 8, 2023
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September 22, 2023

Foggy weather is the peskiest weather for drivers and homeowners alike. Although, kids might look forward to foggy weather because fog delays announcements. Foggy weather can make seeing the road difficult. And it can make the windows foggy.

Foggy windows are not fun to have. Moisture from condensation can damage your window and shorten its lifespan. To prevent damage to your windows, here are the reasons for foggy windows and how to handle them.

Reasons For Foggy Windows

We understand the frustration regarding foggy windows. No one wants to have foggy windows at home.

To prevent it, homeowners should know the roots of foggy windows. Here are some of them.

Different Temperatures

Foggy windows occur because your home’s temperature is either greater or lower than the outside temperature. Having different temperatures indoors and outdoors leads to condensation, which can generate dampness that makes your window foggy.

One example is when you turn your AC to a very low temperature because of the overwhelming heat outside.

Air Leaks

Sometimes, the culprit is the air leaking in and out of our windows. Because it allows moisture and heat inside, which will result in dew forming on the inside of your windows. Age, worn frames, past moisture damage, and other factors can contribute to air leaks.

Most modern windows have the strongest weatherproofing because they have two or three panes of glass in every window.

Ineffective Windows

Windows that are not properly insulated can let warm or cold air penetrate the glass, which creates fog in the windows.

Broken or Worn Seals

Window seals are the safety measures of windows. It ensures that there are no leaks in every part of the windows. If you notice moisture between the glass panes of your window, it is safe to assume that the window seal is either broken or worn.

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