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December 2, 2022
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Bathrooms are an essential part of our houses. Therefore, they need to be in the best condition possible. This also includes their appearance. With many changes in designs these days, people have begun to remodel their bathrooms. These new designs mainly include glass. One can say that glass has replaced the traditional shower curtain system. 

Including glass in the bathroom has affected the area in many ways. Let’s find out about some of them. 

Benefits of Using Glass in Bathroom 

Here are some benefits of using glass in bathrooms. 

  1. It elevates the appearance 

You would have spent a lot of time and money fixing the most elegant-looking faucets, bathtubs, etc. However, if you have shower curtains, none of this would be visible to the guests who might use this place. But if you have clear glass shower doors, you can subtly show off these expensive and fancy bath fittings. 

  1. A durable material 

Shower curtains get damaged after some time due to constant exposure to water and moisture. However, if you replace them with glass partitions and doors, they will stay longer with you. These are also stronger and more durable as compared to curtains. 

  1. Makes the bathroom look bigger 

The shower curtain obstructs the view of the entire bathroom. However, clear glass partitions and shower doors allow you to see through them. These let you glance at every corner of the bathroom while providing the needed separation. Hence, bathrooms with clear glass shower doors and partitions look bigger than the ones with shower curtains. 

Types of Shower Glass Doors and Enclosures

There are plenty of options available when looking for shower glass doors and enclosures. Some of the most preferred types include: 

  1. Frameless enclosure 
  2. Semi-frameless enclosure 
  3. Framed enclosure 
  4. Sliding door enclosure 
  5. Swinging door enclosure 

You can also enhance your bathroom’s appearance by installing a custom mirror. All you need to do for this is contact our Texas Glass Co. experts in Houston. We will provide multiple ideas to make your bathroom look appealing. Call us now to know more.