Auto Glass Repair

Picture this: it’s a warm summer day and you’re driving down Highway 6. There’s an 18-wheeler up ahead and before you know it, one of its rear tires hurls a large stone at your windshield. Your vehicle’s windshield glass is now chipped and in desperate need of repairs, so you pull over, panicking, unsure of whether your car can make it to the mechanics’. But there’s no need to worry because we’ve got your back!


Our Houston mobile auto glass repair and replacement team are only minutes away. No matter how badly damaged your windshield glass may be, our expert team can fix almost anything! And for those instances where the damage is just too big, we’ll replace your auto glass for you.



Mains Causes of Windshield Damage

There can be any number of reasons behind your windshield needing a rapid auto glass repair or replacement. But we’ll try to list a few cases down below:


  • The heat. When it gets hot and cold, your windshield expands and contracts on multiple points. The edges are very vulnerable to heat up when compared to the middle. Changes in pressure can also cause stress cracks to your windshield.
  • Direct sunlight. The UV rays from the Sun can, over time, damage your windshield.
  • Everyday accidents. Just like our 18-wheeler example, accidents do happen. A pebble launched at you, or a car collision can all cause windshield damage.
Auto Glass Repair
Auto Glass Repair

Different Types of Windshield Damages

Depending on the level of damage, you might not need a windshield replacement. If the crack is smaller than 6 inches, a quick windshield repair might be all that you’re going to need. Our eagle-eyed auto glass windshield repair team is well trained to be able to judge and see whether a quick windshield repair will get the job done.


For smaller chips or cracks, a repair can ensure that your vehicle’s windshield retains its overall structural integrity, meaning that the chip or crack won’t grow and worsen over time. Obviously, the size of the crack is important, but so is the number and the severity of the damage. If you’ve got fewer than three cracks, and assuming that the crack isn’t at the edge of the windshield, in your line of sight or in front of a camera or sensor, a simple replacement will likely get the job done.


However, depending on the severity of the structural damage of your windshield, a windshield replacement might be in order. It’s as easy as removing the damaged windshield and using advanced primer technologies to help them with the new windshield installation.

Here are some things to watch out for!

If you suspect issues with your battery, first go ahead and verify that the battery is securely in place. There are times when the battery in your Mercedes-Benz might get dislodged during your routine driving. And while the car would continue to function, vibrations caused as a consequence of the loose battery set-up will negatively impact the overall longevity of the said Benz battery.


Also, please double check to make sure that the cables to the battery are clean and that the connection is uninterrupted. Corrosive elements, should they build up, can have deleterious effects on your Mercedes car battery. At the same time, double check to make sure that the terminals aren’t too tight, as that can also be bad for your Mercedes-Benz car battery.



Car Window Repair and Replacement

Your local auto glass mechanics at Texas Glass Co also offers car window repair and replacement services. As most Houstonians know, a broken car window means having to deal with the hot, humid weathers we get here in Texas. It also means that your car becomes a prime car theft target. Consequently, it’s critical that you get that broken car window fixed as soon as possible! Enter your Houston auto glass car window repair and replacement team.


The good news is that chances are that just like with the windshield, a quick repair is all that you need. If not, our auto glass professionals will walk you through the damages and the process where we replace your car window. Our car window installations are fast and affordable, just like with many of our other services—such as commercial glass and residential glass services.



Why Choose Us?

Because we’re your auto glass repair and installation experts. We’ve been in this business for a very long time. So long in fact that we lead the auto glass industry here in Houston. We’ve been serving our friends and neighbors in Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, Cypress, the Woodlands, Bellaire, Jersey Village, Aldine, Baytown, Cinco Ranch and elsewhere in the Greater Houston area for many years now. And we hope we can serve you, our friend and neighbour.


Using the most advanced auto glass technologies available in the market, bundled together with our experienced and eagle-eyed auto glass technicians, you can rest in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.

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