Shower Door Installation

Shower Door Installation

Shower entryways and glass tub nooks are an incredible method to maneuver light into your washroom and to cause it to appear to be a progressively open and roomy spot. We convey these glass items from driving names including CRL, Cardinal and Alumax. From intricate, enhancing fenced in areas to frameless glass shower entryways, Texas Glass in Houston can introduce glass things to change your restroom into a smaller than a normal spa, and we can, for the most part, do it inside one day.

When you need to refresh with glass entryways or shower walled in areas, Texas Glass in Houston prescribes thoroughly considering a couple of subtleties:

  • Measuring Beforehand – Never trust your eye to know the definite size and state of a space. It’s great to have a feeling of the numbers, particularly when estimations aren’t standard and require custom work. One of our specialists will be glad to take exact estimations before we begin on the genuine glass.
  • The Room Itself – Think about the structure and design of your washroom, and how to best position your fenced-in area inside that space. Additionally consider the materials with which the dividers and floors are made, and where the divider studs are found.
  • Optimal Air Flow – It’s essential to set things up with the goal that steam can getaway, and not make the paint strip and form to develop around your tub walled in area. This includes the tallness of your roof and the stature of the glass fenced-in area. Furthermore, we offer packs and ventilation boards for steam room capacities in completely tiled shower rooms.
  • Shower Head – Make sure that the position of the showerhead won’t send water flying out into the room, or into an inappropriate piece of the shower. It’s a little detail, however inconceivably significant.

When you are prepared to start the structure and establishment process, contact Texas Glass in Houston for an in-home counsel. Call us today at (713) 714-1261 to schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to the chance to serve you.



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