Thorough Guide to Avoid Spots on Your Shower Glass Door

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October 20, 2023
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There is nothing more divine than seeing your spick-and-span bathroom. It radiates freshness and elegance. But there is this one nuisance that can ruin your immaculately looking shower glass door and water spots.

Water spots are caused by hard water and soap scum. Hard water contains high concentrations of magnesium and calcium minerals. Surfaces that are typically in contact with water every time are prone to have a build-up of those minerals that cause water spots.

These water spots are commonly known as limescale.

If you own a shower glass door, it is understandable that you are concerned about its maintenance requirements to keep it spotless and good-looking. Believe it or not, preventing shower glass doors accumulate water spots is easy as one, two, or three.

If you recently bought shower glass doors from Texas Glass Co. or another glass service, this guide can help you prevent water spots on your stylish shower glass door by following these tips.

Wipe your shower glass door every time

As mentioned above, water spots are from hard water. It is unavoidable to splash water while showering. The best solution is to wipe the glass after every use. Buy a squeegee to make the job easier.

Use household cleaning solutions

Household items are always a savior. When you notice even a tiny water spot, clean it immediately to avoid major problems in the future. You can use baking soda with white vinegar, lemon juice, vinegar with water, or water with tea tree oil and alcohol in cleaning water spots.

These simple household items can make your water spot cleaning a breeze.

Keep a proper air circulation

Proper air circulation can make the moisture in the shower evaporate. Your air vent is there to help you with proper air circulation. Turning it on before and after showering can make the moisture in the shower disappear, preventing water spots.

Contact Texas Glass Co.

If you have done everything, but the water spots still keep appearing, you might need to consider replacing your shower glass doors. Sometimes, the shower glass door is too old and needs replacement. Contact a professional glass service like Texas Glass Co.

If you are a resident of Houston, Texas, our wide range of glass services is for you. Get your phone and call us today!