What are the Reasons Behind Foggy Windows?

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March 31, 2023
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Windows in our homes face a lot of problems daily. One out of those is fogging. You must have noticed fogged windows while the weather outside seems just fine. This can mainly happen when there is a huge temperature difference between the inside and outside of your house. 

If the issue of fogged windows appears too often, it is a sign of damage. In this case, you need to consult an expert and get the windows repaired or replaced. 

Reasons Behind Foggy Windows

Windows can be fogged due to multiple reasons. Some of the common ones can be found below: 

  1. Changes in temperature 

If it’s too cold outside, we tend to switch on the heater, and vice versa if it is too hot. This causes a difference in temperature between the outer and inner surfaces of the window and results in fog. Fogging can damage the glass. Thus, it is better to address the problem soon. 

  1. Air leaks 

If your windows are old and leaking, they can allow moisture and warmth inside the house. This can cause dew drops to form on the inner surface of the glass. If this problem seems too common, then you need to call the professionals for a thorough window inspection. 

  1. Inefficient windows 

Windows play a major role in cooling and heating the interiors of a house. However, if the windows are damaged, the efficiency of cooling and heating reduces. This allows the cold air to enter during the winter months which can fog the glass of the windows. 

  1. Broken and worn-out sealing 

If the window seals are broken or worn out, chances are they can leak the air inside. If the air enters in this manner, fogging is sure to happen. Thus, if you notice a broken seal on the window frames, be sure to get it repaired on time. 

The best way to prevent fogging is by dehumidifying the house. However, if this doesn’t work either, you can get the windows repaired. For this, you can hire our experts from Texas Glass Co. in Houston. 
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