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June 30, 2023
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Are you planning to buy a replacement or a new construction window for your home but having trouble with what to choose?

Understandably, there are a million choices to choose from when constructing your new home or improving an old one. It is not an easy-peasy job. To help you choose, Texas Glass Co. wrote this article.

Read further to know what types of windows are there and which one radiates your personality.

Wood Windows

This type of window has been used for centuries. Generally, it is a window with a wooden frame. Wood windows are used in traditional and old homes. Because of their durability, wood windows are still the common option today, even if they cost a hefty price.

Also, the craftsmanship on this kind of window is very remarkable, making the price worth it. Wood windows can last a long time.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a popular choice for modern houses because windows use PVC, a very versatile material. Because of vinyl’s versatility, it can be changed and curved into different styles of windows. Vinyl windows are also good insulators. It means they are energy efficient, with no air leaks if properly installed.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are becoming more and more popular these days. Its sleek and stylish design can boost your home appeal. Aluminum windows are more durable and stronger than vinyl. It can accommodate larger glass panels which are often used in apartments.

Because aluminum is a powerful material, window frames can be thinner, which is very suitable for modern structures.

Composite Windows

This type of window is a combination of different materials, like wood, vinyl, metals, and other materials. Composite windows are much stronger compared to other types. While they are much more costly than vinyl, they are still cheaper compared to wood and aluminum.

In conclusion, choosing the most suitable window for your home is challenging. Considering all the factors, like the cost, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, lifespan, etc., is essential. But if you are from Houston, Texas, and want to learn about your different options for residential windows, Texas Glass Co. can help.

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