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Commercial Glass

Your local commercial glass repairs and replacement specialists at Texas Glass Co offer various services to businesses in Houston, Texas. Our services and solutions are carefully designed to meet your enterprise glass needs. We do all this while making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye so that you can impress your clients.

Ever since we’ve been in business, we’ve been working with business owners to ensure that our services are useful to our clients. We do this by helping them customise our products to their business’ unique needs. In other words, we value our customers and we realize that their needs are unique to their circumstances. Our seasoned glass repair and replacement team are ready to see to your every need.

Corporate Glass Services

The Texas Glass Co team has been providing premium grade installations for a wide variety of enterprise-level projects for many years now. From energy-efficient insulated corporate glass products (i.e. vinyl windows, power windows, tinted windows, etc) to hospital-grade windows to bullet-resistant glass for high-security areas, we’ve installed it all.

All our technicians are hand-picked and trained well to install all sorts of glasses for your business. From interior doors and windows to laminated safety glass, we’ve got it all and much more! What’s more is we use only the most durable materials in your glass. We do this by using the latest technologies to ensure that all our solutions are affordable. We accomplish this by using well-tested and proven techniques and expertise.

  • Store Glass Mirror

  • Retail Store Window Repair

  • Store Shelving Units

  • Store Display Rack

  • Store Fixtures

Premier Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement


It’s crucial that broken or cracked glass is replaced immediately. Failing to do so can cause a pest breakout. It might even encourage unwelcomed individuals to loiter about somewhere in your business’ grounds. Moreover, as with just about anything else, taking too long to repair broken or cracked glass can increase costs. By expeditiously repairing glass, particularly pane windows, you can limit further damage, thus saving your business money.

We take pride in helping save you money in the long term. Our repair and replacement services can help improve your building’s heating and cooling retention, effectively helping your business with enhanced energy efficiency. Being energy efficient helps businesses save money in the long run.

Corporate Windshield Replacement & Windshield Repair

As one of Houston’s premier mobile auto glass repair and replacement services, we strive to offer services that distinguish us and set us apart from our competitors. We do this because we believe auto glass repairs and replacement must be offered at an affordable rate while delivering high-quality results. We are proud of what we can deliver.

Now, we’re bringing the same affordable mobile auto glass services to our corporate clients. We generally do this by offering some of the best autoglass repair and replacement work possible, at an affordable cost to our corporate clients.

Whether it’s an executive’s luxury car, a company limo or an employee vehicle, we offer highly competitive rates that are even cheaper than the regular rates we charge non-corporate customers. This’ll allow you to save lots of money on your company’s vehicle pool.

Retail Shop Shelves, Cases & Mirrors

Retail shop owners, rejoice! Our Houston window replacement and repairs team can make custom glass shelves, mirrors and even cases to help you put your products on display.
Our display glass services are great for displaying clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery. Jewellers, in particular, can benefit from arrangements making for their display glasses resilient. A strong display class helps keep wares safe from thieves and other criminals.

We also provide grocery stores with bullet-proof glasses for the restricted bookkeeping room, where they might keep their cash in safes. This helps protect employees, keep cash safe and might help grocery stores qualify for a more affordable insurance plan. Grocery stories might also find our affordable, heavy-duty gondola shelving useful.

As for retail cloth stores, we offer both full-length and smaller eyewear & makeup mirrors so that customers can see what they’re buying. Our chic mirrors, shelves and cases are guaranteed to help retailers put on a display that will greatly improve their presentation and aesthetics. Incidentally, our retail shelving is some of the most affordable in the industry!

Finally, we also offer a number of other glass-related solutions to businesses. These include window tinting, power windows, vinyl windows and energy-efficient window and glass door installation, repairs and replacement.

We pride ourselves in our power window solutions. Consequently, we use some of the most reliable window motor technologies that are both energy-efficient and noiseless. This gives an office a cosmopolitan air, making them all the more impressive and awe-inspiring. A truly professional setting.

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Why Choose Us?


Texas Glass Co is a proud Texan company that has for years served the Greater Houston community by providing businesses—big and small alike—with indispensable glass solutions tailored to suit local businesses.

We’ve served clients in Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, Cypress, the Woodlands, Bellaire, Jersey Village, Aldine, Baytown, Cinco Ranch or and just about everywhere else in the Greater Houston area.

Regardless of whether it’s a small mom and pop grocery store or a sprawling multinational corporation operating out of Houston requiring our window and door repairs and installation services, our enterprise glass repair and restoration teams have been there to provide much-needed service to the local community.

To this day we continue to help Houstonian companies with low-cost, chic and practical glass solutions for businesses. Let us help you by offering your business an affordable, stylish and practical window replacement and repair service.