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Most Houstonians know just how important it is to use mirrors every morning in their Houston homes to help them prepare for the day ahead. They spend their mornings in front of the restroom mirror styling their hair, brushing their teeth, applying makeup, or shaving. Their restroom mirror is that one big thing that gets them ready for their professional lives.

Fortunately for you, Houston’s best residential glass repair and replacement team, Commercial Glass Co, have got your back!
Our teams can come in and assess and see whether your mirror needs to be replaced or if it can be replaced.
If It’s just a simple restoration process, we’ll get on the job right away and have your mirror fixed in no time at all. If it’s a replacement job, we’ll make sure to consult with you first and get your go-ahead before doing anything else. Regardless, more often than not, it’s a very quick and affordable process, painless for your customers.

Our Houston glass company’s residential glass repairs and replacement services and solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Shower doors and enclosures

  • Home glass repair and replacements for windows, doors and side lights

  • Custom-design table top restoration and replacement and new installations

  • High-quality glass shelving restoration and new installations

  • Dependable high-quality elegant china cabinets, chic armoires, and other fine furniture repairs

  • Restroom mirror repair and Houston residential glass replacement

When you hire our professional residential glass restoration teams, you know your property is in safe hands.

Houston Residential Window Repair and Installation


Whether you’re in Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, Cypress, the Woodlands, Bellaire, Jersey Village, Aldine, Baytown, Cinco Ranch or anywhere else in the Greater Houston area, we’ve got your back. Our Houston expert residential glass repair and installation teams are here to save the day!.

We specialize in repairing broken window panes wherever possible and replacing them when necessary. This is important as window panes help keep your pome perimeter safe and sound against both pests and the hot weather. Our team can also install a new exterior door glass or restore them to their original condition depending on the level of damage done to them.

Our expert Houston home glass repair and replacement teams realize how important property value is to homeowners, so we work long and hard to ensure that our solutions improve your property prices by bringing about that pristine chic look Houston homeowners all want.

Custom-made Mirrors and Table Tops


Our seasoned Houston mirror and tabletop team can repair your current glass table tops or mirrors. They also offer high-quality, excellently crafted custom installations.

The Commercial Glass Co team’s unparalleled craftsmanship is unmatched and can be customised to fit your every single specification, allowing us to make elegant mirrors and table tops that are tailored to meet your ideal envisioned design.

We use the most recent glass cutting technologies available in the market to craft masterful glass products that are affordable and aesthetically unmatched by anything the competition can produce.

Cabinets and Antique Glass Furniture

There’s perhaps little more valuable to most Houstonians than their antique belongings and furniture. And so, all members of our expert team are trained to carefully handle these pieces.

Our top-of-the-line glass cutters are also trained to make and install panels and shelves for your use in your kitchen as kitchen cabinets, ornaments and armoires. We’ve got years’ worth of experience with the many different types of interior furnishings that help put us in the position to produce some of the best work possible everywhere throughout your home.

In conclusion, whether you need repairs or replacement work done on antiques and other precious valuables made of glass, or even if you want a chic modern glass furniture done, Commercial Glass Co is your best bet, as we’ve been doing some amazing work in the Greater Houston area for a long, long time.

Glass Shower Doors and Glass Enclosures in Houston Homes

As many homeowners with glass shower doors and enclosures in their showers can attest to, glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures help improve both the look and the utility of your Houston bathroom.

OOur professional team has been cutting and installing glass shower doors for many years now and we’re confident that our team can offer the best result in the market for residential glass door and enclosures.

Glass shower doors, when well-implemented, give a very nice feel and look to your bathroom. So whether you need shower doors for your Houston home’s master bedroom or for a Jack and Jill style restroom, we’ve got you covered.

We often work with our customers to bring out their bathrooms’ look by custom crafting shower doors and enclosures for them based on their preferred specifications?

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Because we care. With thousands of our past and present customers can attest to our high-quality work and its affordability in the many years that we’ve been working to closely serve Houston’s many vibrant communities, not only do we do a great job, but we’re industry leaders.

Though we specialize primarily in commercial glass solutions, we have time and again proven that we hope to serve all of Houston, not just Houston’s businesses and enterprises. So, if you need residential glass repair and replacement in Houston, you know you’re covered. Our many satisfied customers and our long history can vouch for us.