Reasons Why Your Residential Window s Cracking

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September 29, 2023
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October 13, 2023

No one wants cracks in their windows. Aside from ruining the appearance of your window, cracks poses danger to you and your family. Cracks on the window are one of the reasons why you should get a window replacement.

But before calling your trusted window replacement service, read further to know why cracks are forming on your windows.

Here are the primary reasons why window cracks.

Stress Cracks

When you find cracks near the edges of your window, it is caused by stress racks. Stress cracks happen when there is a continuous temperature change.

When the temperature suddenly changes, the glass expands and retracts, causing the edges of the window to crack.

Pressure Cracks

Pressure cracks typically do not happen frequently. Insulated glass and dual-pane windows are frequently affected by these kinds of cracks.

Weather changes are a major contributor to pressure cracks, and these cracks may form in windows if they are situated at an elevation that is too high or too low or if the pressure in the weather abruptly changes.

Impact Cracks

Unexpected accidents can happen to windows, like something hitting them. Rocks, balls, animals, tree branches, or anything can cause impact cracks on windows.

Impact cracks are easy to identify because, unlike any other type of cracks, impact cracks form a specific shape, like a starburst.

A tiny crack can eventually lead to a bigger one. And sometimes, cracks are unnoticeable, which often leads to major damage to your windows. It is important to check your windows for cracks regularly.

If you notice even tiny damage on your residential glass window, immediately call your trustworthy window and glass repair service like Texas Glass Co. We offer top-notch window and glass services in Houston, Texas.

Call us and get your residentialglass window repaired!