What are the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Glass?

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Have you ever admired those tall skyscrapers covered with glass? What’s the main attraction of these buildings? Their height or those huge sheets of glass used on the outside? 

Tall buildings are common these days but buildings with glass exteriors are something that can catch everyone’s eye. Buildings with glass exteriors look shiny and elegant. How is this achieved then? Let us find out! 

Commercial Glass Used in Buildings 

The glass used in skyscrapers is known as commercial glass. These are not the residential glasses we use in our homes. They hold some special qualities that make them suitable for this use. The major differences between residential glass and commercial glass are: 

  1. Their size 

Commercial glasses are usually bigger. They can be as big as 14 feet that can touch the ceiling and the floor in a single pane. Whereas, the residential glasses are hardly this big. This mainly happens due to the difference in designs of residential interiors and commercial interiors. 

  1. Their strength 

Since commercial glass has to also act like walls, they need to be stronger than residential glass. Commercial glasses are usually heat-treated at about 1200 degrees and then cooled down slowly to achieve the desired strength. The residential glasses do not serve any such purpose, thus, they don’t need to undergo such processes from achieving strength. 

  1.  Method of installation 

Since commercial glasses are huge panes, they need special methods to be installed. These glasses require cranes to lift them and trained professionals to fix them. However, residential glasses can be installed with ease and simple tools. 

  1. Special repairs 

Commercial glass also needs special repairs from trained professionals. Since they are huge and at a height, they need to be treated with care and precision. However, residential glasses can be repaired using easier techniques. 

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