4 Signs you Need to Get your Shower Glass Replaced

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February 17, 2023
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March 3, 2023

Just as the interiors of our houses change, even the bathroom trends change with time. We used to have plastic curtains hanging outside the traditional porcelain bathtubs. Those were then replaced by metal-framed glass shower doors. Those doors are also replaced now with frameless glass enclosures

Having transparent glass shower enclosures is a great way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. But they too need to need good care and maintenance. You need to be aware of the times when the glass needs a repair or replacement. 

Signs Indicating Shower Door Replacement 

Here are some signs that indicate the need for shower door replacement. 

  1. Damage 

Shower glass enclosures are strong but they can still get damaged due to various reasons. Thus, if you observe any splits, chips, or even cracks in the glass, immediately call for help. If the problem is overlooked, it can become a safety concern for the users. 

  1. Water leaks and damaged seal 

The sealing can get damaged with regular use and wear and tear. The broken or damaged seal can result in water leaks. Thus, if you observe small puddles of water outside the enclosure after showering, be sure to check the seal. If it is broken or removed, call the experts and get it resealed. 

  1. Difficult movement of the door 

If the door makes any unusual sound or does not open or close smoothly, there is some problem with the hinges. Glass doors can even break if you ignore this problem. Therefore, call the experts and get the issue fixed on time. 

  1. Mold development 

Mold development is a common issue in bathrooms. If you notice black or dark green-colored stains on the glass or near the floor, it’s a sign of mold formation. These can spread fast and damage the entire bathroom. Therefore, get the mold cleaned and the glass replaced on time. 
If you observe any of these issues in your shower glass enclosure, be sure to call the experts to call our experts from Texas Glass Co. in Houston. Contact us now to know more!