Different Types of Windows for your Home

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December 30, 2022
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Are you remodeling your home? Or constructing a new one? If yes, then you would know that there are a lot of options available in the case of windows. All these windows are good, however, it still depends on your use and the structure of your house. Moreover, all these windows have their specialty. 

Let us learn more about the different types of windows you can have in your house. 

Types of Windows

Here are some different types available in windows that you can install in your homes. 

  1. Wooden or clad windows 

These windows have the following qualities: 

  • Are made of wood as the name suggests 
  • Can also have vinyl or aluminum cladding 
  • Cladding protects the exterior of the windows from weather effects 
  • Are available in various wood options like pine, alder, walnut, etc. 
  • Are commonly found in older homes 
  • Gives a traditional look to the house 
  • Can last long with proper care and maintenance 
  • Can be surface finished using paint or stains 
  • Might be a little expensive due to wood 
  1. Vinyl windows 

The qualities of these windows are: 

  • Are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride 
  • Common window option for modern homes 
  • Versatile material and can easily be customized to match the interiors 
  • Also a good insulator and energy efficient 
  • Highly resistant to moisture 
  1. Composite windows 

The characteristics include: 

  • Similar to vinyl windows but stronger 
  • Composition of products like wood, particle board, wood fiber, and strand lumber 
  • Has a coating of either vinyl or aluminum 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Long-lasting windows 
  • Resistant to moisture and decay 
  • More expensive than vinyl windows 
  1. Aluminum window 

These have the following characteristics: 

  • A preferred window option for modern homes due to its sleek design 
  • More durable and long lasting than wood or composite windows 
  • Can be a little more expensive but is more reliable
  • More energy efficient 
  • Specially designed to withstand heat and cold
  • Low maintenance and more resilient 

All these options are good options depending on your choice, use, and budget. You can get them installed with our experts at Texas Glass Co. in Houston. Call us now to get more details.