Major Reasons behind Cracked Window Glasses

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April 14, 2023
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You must be assured that the windows installed in your house are utterly strong and unbreakable. However, that’s not true. Windows can be firm but not breakable. Especially not the glass panes. 

Window glasses can suffer from several damages like cracks, chips, breakage, and others. Let us know more about the major causes of these damages. 

Causes behind Cracked Window Glasses

Here are some of the main reasons that cracks can develop in your windows. 

  1. Cracks due to stress 

These are the most common types of cracks and you can find them near the edges of the glass. Stress cracks are caused due to continuous temperature changes. The glass keeps expanding and contracting and cracks eventually. This is a common problem for the ones residing in areas that have frequent temperature variations. 

  1. Cracks due to pressure 

Cracks due to pressure are less common to observe and can be found in windows with dual panes and insulated glasses. Pressure cracks are curved in shape and are mainly caused due to weather changes. Even windows at high elevations can experience this problem. 

  1. Cracks due to impact 

As the name suggests, these cracks are developed due to high impact from an external force. The impact could be from flying birds, rocks, balls, tree branches, etc. When any of these items hit the glass with an effort, they can develop cracks. Cracks due to impact are in a starburst pattern where the region hit by the object is the center of the crack. 

All of these are possible reasons for cracked windows. However, what’s more, important is to mend these cracks. Living in a house with cracked windows can be dangerous as the glass can shatter at any time and injure you or your family. Thus, to ensure everyone’s safety, it is wise to get the cracks repaired on time. 
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