How to Prevent Birds from Colliding Against the Windows?

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April 7, 2023
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One problem related to windows that we usually ignore is the birds colliding with the glass. This is a common problem for the ones residing in buildings. Studies show that nearly 1 billion birds lose their lives to such a collision every year. Not only does this accident harms the birds, but also affects the glass of our windows. 

The collision is sometimes so powerful that the glass cracks. This can be dangerous for the birds as well as you and your family. Therefore, it is better to prevent birds from colliding with your windows. 

Ways to Prevent Birds from Colliding Against the Windows 

Before we dive into knowing ways to prevent this awful accident, let us first understand the cause behind it. 

Birds collide with our windows because they see the reflection of the landscape in the glass and assume it’s safe to fly in. Due to this, they bang against the windows and injure themselves. 

In other cases where the glasses are too clean, the birds fail to notice the barrier and collide with the glass. 

These accidents can be bad and therefore, should be prevented at all costs. Here are some ways you can follow to prevent this collision. 

  1. Do not keep the feeders and birdbaths too close to the windows. They tend to misunderstand the reflection and bang against the glass. 
  2. Add a screen on the outside of the window. This will prevent the birds to see the reflections and also provide a cushion if they happen to collide anyway. 
  3. You can reduce the reflections by marking the glass with strings, grids, tapes, etc. This will obstruct the reflection. 
  4. You can also add a net at a distance of about 3 inches from the glass. This will prevent the bird from coming close to the glass at all.

If your window has been damaged due to a bird collision, it will be best to get it repaired soon. For this, you can hire our experts from Texas Glass Co. in Houston. Call us now to get an estimate.