Ways to Keep the Shower Glass Clean

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March 10, 2023
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March 24, 2023

Glass is a beautiful and versatile building material. It can be used as windows, and doors and even replace brick walls. The use of glass has also extended to bathrooms. Glass is now also being used as a beautiful shower enclosure. 

Shower curtains were difficult to clean because they needed to be removed from the railing, washed, dried, and hung up again. However, even shower glasses have certain downsides. Let’s find them out and resolve the problems. 

Problems with Shower Glasses 

Shower glass makes your bathroom look elegant but it too can get dirty if not maintained properly. Some of the common reasons for damaged shower glass are: 

  • Soap scum

It is the solid white residue that is left behind when soap is mixed with hard water. This stains and spoils the glass, making it look old. 

  • Limescale

This is the chalky residue of calcium carbonate that is left behind due to hard water. 

  • Hard water stains 

These are the white-colored stains left by the hard water deposits. Hard water is mainly rich in limestone, calcium, and magnesium. 

All of these problems have one thing in common-hard water. Hence, you will need one strong solution to fight it. 

Removing Hard Water Stains 

Removing hard water stains is not as difficult as it seems. You would be surprised to know that they can be removed by using just a few household cleaning solutions. 

The first and easiest trick to remove these stains is by using white vinegar, lemon juice, and a scrub pad. All you need to do is soak the stained area of the glass with white vinegar and then spray some lemon juice on it. After some time, you can scrub the area using the scrub pad. 

Ultimate Solution to Hard water Stains 

If none of this works, you can always hire experts from Texas Glass Co. in Houston. We assure to offer the best glass services in Texas. If the stains seem too harsh to remove, you can also ask for a glass replacement. 
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