Windows 101: Getting Ready For the Fall Season

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November 10, 2023
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The fall season is often associated with brisk air, falling leaves, and a somewhat damp but cold feeling. The fall season is our transition season from hot summer to a cold winter. The days are short, and the nights are long.

In the fall, animals and plants are getting prepared for the cold winter. People should also get their homes ready for fall and winter.

Why Should I Prepare My Windows During Fall

The fall season is also the best time of the year to check your windows for drafts. A damaged window during fall can be dangerous during winter. Here are the ways you can prepare your windows for fall.

Look for Drafts

Drafts on your windows can make your energy bills ridiculously high. Imagine trying to heat your home because of the cold outside, then after a while, the heat is not enough. When your setup is like this every day, expect a high energy bill.

To prevent high energy consumption, check your windows for drafts.

Window drafts are letting the cold air from the outside enter, it defeats the purpose of heating your home. Get it repaired right away to avoid high energy consumption.

Inspect Your Exterior Window Sill

It is important to check your window sill every season. A damaged window sill can let unwanted things enter, like moisture, which can ruin your window frames. Routinely inspecting it can go a long way.

Remove Window AC Unit

If you use a window air conditioning unit during hot days, remove it when fall comes. Cold air can come in through that during fall and especially in the winter.

Replace Damaged Windows with Energy-Efficient nes

Energy-efficient windows can trap the heat inside your home. Making your heat consumption lower.

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