Glass 101: How Glass is Made and Its Types

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November 3, 2023
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Glass is one of the most significant materials in nature. People have been using glass for many many years. It has so many uses. This common material is all around you if you take a look.

Have you not noticed that everything in your surroundings is made of glass? You will be shocked to learn how many things, including packaging, dinnerware, homes and structures, furniture, electronics, cars, and medical technology, have been made with glass.

But how was this extraordinary material created?

How Is Glass Made?

Glass is a transparent, non-crystalline, amorphous solid. An amorphous solid is a solid that does not have a definite shape, which makes it the most practical material to use in various things.

You might be interested in learning how this type of material is created. Did you know that sand is the main component of making glass? You read it right. Sand is the main component. It is heated to a specified temperature to melt.

In addition, various substances were incorporated into the sand to produce an amorphous solid known as glass. The sand is heated to the melting point with soda ash, limestone, used glass scraps, and glass from recycling collections. Glass is an amazing material because it can be molded into virtually any shape.

What are the Different Types of Glass?

Different types of glass require various processes and materials. Here are the different kinds, and how they are made.

Colored Glass

Colored glass, usually used as a decorative piece, is one example of glass. In achieving color, other materials are added to the mixture, like iron and chromium-based chemicals, to achieve the green color.

Oven-Proof Glass

Ovens use a special type of glass. Borosilicate glass is the glass used in ovens because it can withstand extreme heat without shattering. To make this glass, just add boron oxide to the molten mixture.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the strongest type of glass. Also, it is the most commonly used glass everywhere. Tempered glass is also called safety glass because it is made by cutting the glass into the desired shape and then fed into a heating machine continuously and blasted by the pressurized cool air in every direction.

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