How to Stop Birds From Hitting Your Windows

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October 27, 2023
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Birds hitting windows are becoming more and more alarming. Because there are 1 billion bird deaths in the US yearly because of them hitting the windows. Birds colliding on the window is the number one reason why there are cracks in residential windows.

Fortunately, you can do some things to prevent those lovely creatures from hitting the windows. Read further to learn more.

The first step in keeping birds safe is to stop them from flying directly into your windows. You can prevent it by following these tips.

Keep bird feeders away

Birds are prone to flying into windows, so keep bird feeders and birdbaths away from the windows. Move them away from windows so they would not reflect on windows


Install screens

Screens can lessen the reflection on the window. Also, when birds hit the screen, this screen can cushion its blows.

Decals and Other Markings

Put markings on your windows so the birds will not be confused about the reflection that they will see.

Cover the window with settings

One more thing you can do to stop birds from flying into your windows is to cover the exterior glass with netting that is tight enough to deflect the birds.

Birds hitting on your window can cause cracks and breaks. Preventing them can save their lives and your window.

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